Black Pearl is a one of a kind food and drink eatery. With its bubbly and welcoming atmosphere, Black Pearl caters to people of all ages.

We are better known for our tapioca pearl drinks that come in all sorts of delicious flavors that can range from a simple milk tea to any of our fruity concoctions!

We hope that our customers will continue to visit us and that we make new customers everyday!

black pearl staff


The Boss

With the goal of searching for a new land with a better quality of life and opportunities, Thuc found stumbled on Sugar Land. He loves everything about the area from its welcoming charm, people, environment to its convenient and livelihood, Thuc sets his mind to build a future for his family here. 

With his previous entrepreneur experience, Thuc reestablish black pearl, offering a new and exciting menu.


Boss Lady

It takes two to tango and that's exactly the dance Thuc & Dung are doing. Dung's role is to support Thuc and make sure black pearl is always serving the customers with its best ability.

With the bubbly and friendly personality, Dung always serves the customers with a smile. Dung manages all of the work behind the scene so everyone else can focus on serving the customers.

Our Bobarista

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